My husband, Mike and I live in a little town in Central Virginia called Massies Mill at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is about 200 miles south of Washington, D.C. Mike is retired from the Executive Office of the President as an Associate Director of Administration. We have four grown children and seven grandchildren. Some of the kids also own Komondors but some are not so dog oriented. One daughter was especially horrified when I took her old room and tore out all the carpet and put linoleum in for a puppy room several years ago.

I have loved animals all my life. I grew up in Washington, D.C. and was not allowed to have a dog until I was sixteen. My first dog was a miniature poodle named Sport. He was with me for thirteen years. My last poodle lived for nineteen years and I can honestly say that I still miss her. When I married and had children, I added Golden Retrievers to the mix. They are great family oriented dogs. As the children grew, each had his/her own dog. This meant that we had a beagle, lab/shepherd mix, a dachshund, a poodle and the Golden, of course.

Twenty five years ago, after all but one child had left the proverbial nest, we bought a house with 28 acres that was surrounded by 1200 acres. It had a beautiful view of the meadow from the front porch so we named our new farm Meadow View. I confess to going nuts. I said that I love animals, remember and my husband is a very agreeable type of guy, so I added pygmy goats, miniature donkeys, horses, llamas, ducks, geese, a few turkeys, (the poultry kind), a pony, a few pot bellied pigs and several cats. You don’t want to know what our feed bill was.  Believe it or not, this is how I fell into owning a Komondor. It was strictly by accident or maybe it was fate.

I got my first goats from a couple that owned a commercial diary farm and they in turn, introduced me to other goat people. One of which, was a lady who owned several Komondors. Stacey, our daughter that still lived at home, got Sara from her. I really loved Sara. She was so calm and watchful. I was really impressed with this breed so I took Paige, another of this lady’s dogs. In due time, the Komondor world discovered that we had Komondors and asked us to show with them. Paige became a champion in less than 2 months, attending only 8 shows. Well, that had me hooked on showing.  We lost CH Rush Creek IM Paige in April, 2000. We finished her daughters, CH Meadow View Kiri Annuska and CH Meadow View Kivalo Anja but have now lost both of them. We obtained CH Ari’s Astrakahn, who became our foundation sire, producing with Paige, CH Meadow View Csinos Rajko and CH Meadow View Csinoska Sarabi.  Ch Meadow View Csinoska  Sarabi really became our foundation bitch, producing 9 champions. It is a good thing that I’m married to Mike because not many would put up with all my critters and me. The dogs came over several years and so he has had time to get used to it. He always says, “What’s one more.”  My mother was, of course, mortified by all the dogs and assorted animals.  To each his own, I say. Having several Komondors in the house doesn’t bother me but I could not tolerate lots of Golden Retrievers. The Koms are so much calmer and even keeled.

Having the dog population grow has forced some of the other animal population to shrink. In Virginia, we still have a few pygmy goats, donkeys, 11 Alpacas but the largest amount of our energy goes into the dogs.

In the last few years Mike has gotten more involved with the dogs. He now does most of the showing. We recently finished Ch Meadow View Rhapsody In White at 10 months old.  Mike is also showing Ch Meadow View Officer N A Gentleman as a Special and has gotten several group placements on him. He has now judged his first match show in Woodbridge and has been asked back for their next match. I must be careful or he will surely develop a swelled head.

We have produced 29 champions. I believe that if you are going to breed, it is important to show your breeding stock.

As a breeder, I firmly believe that you are responsible for each and every puppy you breed for its lifetime. I have a clause in my contract that states the buyer agrees to return the dog to the seller if the buyer is unable to keep the dog or decides to dispose of it in any way.

Our up and coming champions include:

Meadow View Totally Irresistible and Meadow View The Battle of BricesXCrossroads at Irishcords